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Agronomy MCQs for Practice

Agronomy MCQ for Bihar BAO Exam. Free
1. What is the definition of 'Plant Population' in the context of agriculture?
   a) The variety of plants in a specific area
   b) The number of plants per unit area in the cropped field#
   c) The genetic diversity of plants in a field
   d) The total number of plants in a farming region
2. How does plant spacing impact crop yield under low plant population conditions?
   a) Leads to uniform plant growth
   b) Results in higher individual plant yields due to wider spacing#
   c) Causes rapid soil nutrient depletion
   d) Increases competition for sunlight
3. For medium duration rice, what is the optimum plant population per hectare?
   a) 6,66,666 plants/ha
   b) 5,00,000 plants/ha#
   c) 3,33,000 plants/ha
   d) 4,00,000 plants/ha
4. What is the plant population per hectare recommended for maize hybrids?
   a) 83,333 plants/ha
   b) 47,620 plants/ha#
   c) 55,000 plants/ha
   d) 60,000 plants/ha
5. Which factor is NOT considered a genetic factor affecting plant population?
   a) Size of the plant
   b) Elasticity of the plant
   c) Soil cover area
   d) Fertilizer application#
6. In the context of plant geometry, what does 'Single Plant Area' refer to?
   a) The total area covered by all plants in a field
   b) The area needed for a single plant to grow effectively
   c) The area occupied by a single plant, e.g., Rice - 20 cm x 15 cm#
   d) The area designated for planting a single seed
7. What is the plant population per hectare for medium varieties of cotton?
   a) 18,518 plants/ha
   b) 44,444 plants/ha#
   c) 55,555 plants/ha
   d) 60,000 plants/ha
8. Which method of sowing results in random plant geometry?
   a) Transplanting
   b) Line sowing
   c) Broadcasting#
   d) Drill sowing
9. What is the seed rate for rice when using the transplanting method?
   a) 100 kg/ha
   b) 60 kg/ha
   c) 40 kg/ha#
   d) 80 kg/ha
10. Which of the following is an advantage of the square plant geometry?
   a) Allows for more efficient use of space in dense plantings
   b) Provides uniform light and facilitates mechanization#
   c) Reduces the need for irrigation
   d) Enhances soil fertility over time

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