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Best Books for ICAR PG JRF in Agronomy

Essential Books for the ICAR PG Exam in Agronomy

  • YouTube channel, "Agrimly", is a valuable resource for ICAR PG exam preparation in Agronomy. They provide guidance on various topics related to agriculture science and make it accessible to all people.
  • They has a playlist of videos where you can find good reading contents of ICAR-JRF. 
  • These interviews can provide insights into their preparation strategies and the resources they used.

List of Best Books for ICAR PG JRF in Agronomy:

For General Agriculture Part:

  • "BriefBook of Agriculture By R S Maitry"
  • HandBook of Agriculture By ICAR
  • "Fundamentals of Agriculture by Arun katyayan Vol. 1& 2"
  • "Agriculture by Nem Raj Sunda"

For Agronomy Part:

  • "Principles of Agronomy By Reddy and Reddy"
  • "Principles of Agronomy by SR Reddy"
  • "Field crop production by Rajendra Prasad Vol 1 & 2"
  • "Soil Science by DK Das"
  • "Agronomic Terminology by Indian society of Agronomy"
  • "Modern Weed Management by Dr.O.P. Gupta"
  • "Agronomic facts for competition by R.S. Meena & Sihag"
  • "Mathematical Agriculture concepts and numericals by Dr. Amit bhatnagar"
  • "Objective Agronomy by Thavaprakash"
  • "Agronomy treatise by P.D. Choudhary"

Qs.: Best Books for ICAR PG JRF in Agronomy फसल विज्ञान में ICAR पीजी जेआरएफ के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुस्तकें Ans: YouTubeLink


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