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Essential books for the ICAR PG exam in Plant Science

Essential books for the ICAR PG exam in Plant Science

Core Subjects

  • Genetics and Plant Breeding:
    • Plant Breeding Principles and Methods by B.D. Singh (Kalyani Publishers): Comprehensive coverage of concepts and methods.
    • Fundamentals of Genetics by B.D. Singh: A solid foundation in genetic principles.
  • Plant Physiology:
    • Plant Physiology by Taiz and Zeiger: A classic textbook with in-depth explanations.
    • Fundamentals of Plant Physiology by V.K. Jain: A good Indian-authored option.
  • Biochemistry:
    • Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by Nelson and Cox: A comprehensive and well-respected text.
  • Plant Pathology:
    • Agrios’s Plant Pathology by G.N. Agrios: Widely considered the 'bible' of plant pathology.

Specialized/Additional Subjects

  • Seed Science and Technology:
    • Principles of Seed Technology By PK Agrawal: A strong focus on seed production.
  • Biotechnology:
    • Text Book of Biotechnology by H.K. Das: Provides a clear overview of biotechnology techniques.
  • Nematology:
    • Introductory Nematology  by Southey: A good starting point to understand nematodes.
  • Statistics:
    • Fundamentals of Statistics by S.C. Gupta: Covers important statistical concepts for data analysis.

Objective-Based and Practice Books

  • Objective Genetics and Plant Breeding by B.K. Prasad and B.D. Singh

Other Important Resources

  • ICAR e-courses: The official ICAR website has valuable online course material for many subjects. ( )
  • Previous year question papers: Analyze these to understand the exam pattern and important topics.


  • Prioritize core subjects: Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Physiology, and Biochemistry are the most crucial.
  • Focus on understanding concepts: Don't just memorize facts. Strong conceptual knowledge will allow you to apply principles in different scenarios.
  • Practice with objective questions: Time yourself to develop speed and accuracy.
  • Revise regularly: Consistent revision is key to retaining information.

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