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MCQs on 1. History of Genetics and Cytogenetics

PRACTICE QUESTIONS: 1. History of Genetics and Cytogenetics

Source: Principles of Genetics and Plant Breeding by BD Singh 

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Who is credited with disproving the theory of spontaneous generation and laying the foundation for experimental biology?

  • A. Charles Darwin
  • B. Caspar Friedrich Wolff
  • C. Francesco Redi#
  • D. August Weismann

What term did Johannsen introduce in 1903 to describe the genetic makeup of an individual?

  • A. Genotype#
  • B. Phenotype
  • C. Hybridization
  • D. Germplasm

What concept proposed by Yule in 1906 explained the inheritance of quantitative or metric characters?

  • A. Dominance
  • B. Blending inheritance
  • C. Pureline theory
  • D. Multiple factors#

Who conducted experiments on Drosophila melanogaster, providing evidence for the chromosome theory of heredity?

  • A. Gregor Mendel
  • B. Thomas Hunt Morgan#
  • C. August Weismann
  • D. Charles Darwin

Which scientist discovered nucleic acids and isolated DNA in the late 19th century?

  • A. James Watson
  • B. Friedrich Miescher#
  • C. Rosalind Franklin
  • D. Linus Pauling

Who is known as the "father of genetics" for his work on the inheritance of traits in pea plants?

  • A. Charles Darwin
  • B. Thomas Hunt Morgan
  • C. Gregor Mendel#
  • D. August Weismann

What concept did Sutton and Boveri contribute to, linking chromosomes to Mendelian genetics?

  • A. Germplasm theory
  • B. Pureline theory
  • C. Chromosome theory of inheritance#
  • D. Blending inheritance

What did Watson and Crick propose in 1953, earning them a Nobel Prize in 1962?

  • A. Theory of evolution
  • B. Double-helix model of DNA#
  • C. Germplasm theory
  • D. Theory of acquired traits

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