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Agronomy 4 MCQ for Bihar BAO Exam. Free

  1. What is the significance of the broadcasting method of sowing in India?
    • (A) It's the least used method in India.
    • (B) It's primarily used for large-scale crops.
    • (C) It's the largest method of sowing followed in India.#
    • (D) It's used exclusively for organic farming.
  2. In the context of dibbling, what is the optimal placement depth for seeds?
    • (A) At the surface of the ridge
    • (B) Halfway down the ridge
    • (C) 2/3rd from the top of the ridge#
    • (D) At the bottom of the ridge
  3. What are the key advantages of sowing seeds behind the plough?
    • (A) Seeds are sown randomly without depth control.
    • (B) Seeds are sown at a uniform distance and depth.#
    • (C) It is suitable only for small seeds like mustard.
    • (D) It is the most time-consuming method of sowing.
  4. Which method of sowing involves dropping seeds to a definite depth, covering them with soil, and compacting?
    • (A) Broadcasting
    • (B) Dibbling
    • (C) Sowing behind the plough
    • (D) Drill sowing#

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