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Production Technology of Plum


Production Technology of  Plum and Prune (Prunus spp.):

  • Climatic and Soil Requirements:
    • Adaptability: Many species and cultivars adapt to different ecologies.
    • Rainfall requirement: 100-125 cm, well distributed throughout the year.
    • Soil: Avoid poorly drained, shallow soils; depth should be 1.5 m.
  • Propagation and Planting:
    • Propagation: Cuttings with IBA treatment, clonal rootstocks.
    • Planting systems: Square and hexagonal.
    • Training systems: Open centre for spreading type, central modified leader for upright type.
  • Harvest and Post-harvest Management:
    • Maturity indices: Colour development, flesh firmness, days after full bloom.
    • Storage: Controlled atmosphere storage for 2-3 months.

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