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Production Technology of Longan


Production Technology of Longan (Dimocarpus longan) :

  • Climatic and Soil Requirements:
    • Requires warm subtropical climate with high rainfall.
    • Ideal winter: Short and frost-free.
    • Ideal summer: Long, hot, humid, and wet.
    • Optimal temperature for flowering and fruit set: 20 to 25°C.
    • Soil: Deep, well-drained, fertile soil; pH 5.5 to 6.0, low salinity.
  • Cultivars:
    • Fu yan: Large fruits (18g), thin skin, crisp flesh, small seed. Ideal for canning.
    • Wu long line: Medium-sized fruits (15g), thick skin, sweet flavor.
    • Wu yuan: Medium-sized fruits (15g), large seed, soft and juicy flesh.
    • Daw: Popular in Thailand. Large fruit, big seed, thin skin, crisp sweet flesh.
  • Propagation and Planting:
    • Propagation: Air layering or marcotting.
    • Land preparation 3 to 6 months ahead of planting.
    • Planting distance in high-density planting (HDP) system: 6 M x 6 M.
    • Pit size for planting: 1 M x 1 M x 1 M.
  • Training, Pruning, Irrigation, and Manuring:
    • Early growth encouraged for good tree size and canopy within 3-4 years.
    • Fertilization: Organic manures and urea.
    • Training height: 2 M.
    • Irrigation: Frequent, especially before flower emergence and post-harvest.
  • Harvest and Yield:
    • Harvest after full maturity and ripening.
    • Average yield: 100 – 120 kg/tree/year.
    • Storage: 4-6 weeks at 5°C.


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