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Fundamentals of Horticulture

Fundamentals of Horticulture (NEW) 2(1+1)

  1. Horticulture - Its definition and branches, importance and scope; horticultural and botanical classification; climate and soil for horticultural crops; 
  2. Plant propagation-methods and propagating structures; 
  3. Seed dormancy, Seed germination, principles of orchard establishment; 
  4. Principles and methods of training and pruning, juvenility and flower bud differentiation; unfruitfulness;
  5. pollination, pollinizers and pollinators; fertilization and parthenocarpy; medicinal and aromatic
  6. plants; importance of plant bio-regulators in horticulture. 
  7. Irrigation – methods, Fertilizer application in horticultural crops.


  1. Identification of garden tools. 
  2. Identification of horticultural crops. 
  3. Preparation of seed bed/nursery bed. 
  4. Practice of sexual and asexual methods of propagation including micro-propagation.
  5. Layout and planting of orchards. 
  6. Training and pruning of fruit trees. 
  7. Preparation of potting mixture. Fertilizer application in different crops. 
  8. Visits to commercial nurseries/orchards.

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