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Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops

Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops 2(1+1)

  1. Importance and scope of fruit and plantation crop industry in India; 
  2. Importance of rootstocks;
  3. Production technologies for the cultivation of major fruits-mango, banana, citrus, grape, guava,
  4. litchi, papaya, sapota, apple, pear, peach, walnut, almond and; minor fruits- date, ber, pineapple,
  5. pomegranate, jackfruit, strawberry, plantation crops-coconut, arecanut, cashew, tea, coffee &
  6. rubber.


  1. Seed propagation. 
  2. Scarification and stratification of seeds. 
  3. Propagation methods for fruit and plantation crops. 
  4. Description and identification of fruit. 
  5. Preparation of plant bio regulators and their uses, 
  6. Important pests, diseases and physiological disorders of above fruit and plantation crops, 
  7. Visit to commercial orchards.

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