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Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops)

Crop Production Technology-II (Rabi crops) 2(1+1)


  • Origin, geographical distribution, economic importance, soil and climatic requirements, varieties, cultural practices and yield of Rabi crops; 
  1. Cereals –wheat and barley, 
  2. Pulses-chickpea, lentil, peas, 
  3. Oilseeds-rapeseed, mustard and sunflower; 
  4. Sugar crops-sugarcane; 
  5. Medicinal and Aromatic crops-mentha, lemongrass and citronella, 
  6. Forage crops-berseem, lucerne and oat.


  • Sowing methods of wheat and sugarcane, 
  • Identification of weeds in rabi season crops, 
  • Study of morphological characteristics of rabi crops, 
  • Study of yield contributing characters of rabi season crops, 
  • Yield and juice quality analysis of sugarcane, 
  • Study of important agronomic experiments of rabi crops at experimental farms. 
  • Study of rabi forage experiments, oil extraction of medicinal crops, 
  • Visit to research stations of related crops.

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