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Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture

Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture 1(1+0)

  1. Farming System-scope, importance, and concept, Types and systems of farming system and factors affecting types of farming, 
  2. Farming system components and their maintenance,
  3. Cropping system and pattern, multiple cropping system, 
  4. Efficient cropping system and their evaluation, 
  5. Allied enterprises and their importance, 
  6. Tools for determining production and efficiencies in cropping and farming system
  7. Sustainable agriculture - problems and its impact on agriculture, indicators of sustainability, adaptation and mitigation, 
  8. Conservation agriculture strategies in agriculture, 
  9. HEIA, LEIA and LEISA and its techniques for sustainability, 
  10. Integrated farming system-historical background, objectives and characteristics, components of IFS and its advantages, 
  11. Site specific development of IFS model for different agro-climatic zones, resource use efficiency and optimization techniques, 
  12. Resource cycling and flow of energy in different farming system, farming system and environment, 
  13. Visit of IFS model in different agro-climatic zones of nearby states University/ institutes and farmers field.

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