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Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif Crops)

Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif Crops) 2(0+2)

  1. Crop planning, 
  2. Raising field crops in multiple cropping systems: 
  3. Field preparation, 
  4. Seed, 
  5. Treatment, 
  6. Nursery raising, 
  7. Sowing, 
  8. Nutrient, Water and Weed management 
  9. Management of insect-pests diseases of crops, 
  10. Harvesting, 
  11. Threshing, 
  12. Drying winnowing,
  13. Storage and Marketing of produce. 
  14. The emphasis will be given to 
  15. Seed production, Mechanization, resource conservation
  16. Integrated nutrient, insect-pest and disease management technologies. 
  17. Preparation of balance sheet including 
  18. cost of cultivation, 
  19. net returns per student as well as per team of 8-10 students.

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