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Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif Crops)

Crop Production Technology-I (Kharif Crops) 2(1+1)


  1. Origin, geographical distribution, economic importance, soil and climatic requirements, varieties, cultural practices and yield of Kharif crops. 
  2. Cereals - 
  3. rice, 
  4. maize, 
  5. sorghum, 
  6. pearl millet and 
  7. finger millet, 
  8. Pulses - pigeonpea, mungbean and urdbean; oilseeds- groundnut, and soybean;
  9. Fibre crops- cotton & jute; 
  10. Forage crops -sorghum, cowpea, cluster bean and napier.


  1. Rice nursery preparation, 
  2. Transplanting of rice, 
  3. Sowing of soybean,pigeonpea and mungbean, maize, groundnut and cotton, 
  4. Effect of seed size on germination and seedling vigour of kharif season crops, 
  5. Effect of sowing depth on germination of kharif crops, 
  6. Identification of weeds in kharif season crops,
  7. Top dressing and foliar feeding of nutrients, 
  8. Study of yield contributing characters and yield calculation of kharif season crops, 
  9. Study of crop varieties and important agronomic experiments at experimental farm.
  10. Study of forage experiments,
  11. Morphological description of kharif season crops, 
  12. Visit to research centres of related crops.

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