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Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables 2(1+1)

Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables 2(1+1)

  1. Importance of post-harvest processing of fruits and vegetables, extent and possible causes of post harvest losses; 
  2. Pre-harvest factors affecting postharvest quality, maturity, ripening and changes occurring during ripening; 
  3. Respiration and factors affecting respiration rate; 
  4. Harvesting and field handling; Storage (ZECC, cold storage, CA, MA, and hypobaric); Value addition concept;
  5. Principles and methods of preservation; Intermediate moisture food- Jam, jelly, marmalade,
  6. preserve, candy – Concepts and Standards; Fermented and non-fermented beverages. Tomato
  7. products- Concepts and Standards; Drying/ Dehydration of fruits and vegetables – Concept and
  8. methods, osmotic drying. Canning -– Concepts and Standards, packaging of products.


  1. Applications of different types of packaging, containers for shelf life extension. 
  2. Effect of temperature on shelf life and quality of produce. 
  3. Demonstration of chilling and freezing injury in vegetables and fruits. 
  4. Extraction and preservation of pulps and juices. 
  5. Preparation of jam, jelly, RTS, nectar, squash, osmotically dried products, fruit bar and candy and tomato products, canned products. 
  6. Quality evaluation of products -- physico-chemical and sensory. 
  7. Visit to the processing unit/ industry.

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