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List of Important Journals in Agricultural Economics

List of Important Journals in Agricultural Economics 

  1. Agricultural Economics Research Review
  2. Agricultural Finance Review
  3. Agricultural Marketing
  4. Agriculture and Agro-industries Journal
  5. Agriculture Statistics at a Glance
  6. APEDA Trade yearbook
  7. Asian Economic and Social Review (Old Series)
  8. Bulletin of Agricultural Prices
  9. Economic and Political Weekly
  10. Economic Survey of Asia and Far East
  11. FAO Commodity Review and Outlook
  12. FAO Production Year book
  13. FAO Trade year book
  14. Indian Cooperative Review
  15. Indian Economic Journal
  16. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
  17. Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing
  18. Indian Journal of Economics
  19. International Food Policy Research Institute Research Report
  20. Journal of Agricultural Development and Policy
  21. Journal of Agricultural Economics
  22. Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development
  23. Journal of Farm Economics
  24. Land Economics
  25. Productivity
  26. Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
  27. Rural Economics and Management
  28. World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts
  29. World Agricultural Production and Trade: Statistical Report
  30. Yojana
  31. Agricultural Situation in India

e- Resources for  Agricultural Economics 

  1. (Pearson Education Publication)
  2. (McGraw-Hill Publishing Company)
  3. (Oxford University Press)
  4. (Emerald Group Publishing)
  5. (Sage publications)
  6. (Indian Society of Agricultural Economics)
  7. (Macmillan Publishing)
  8. (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
  9. (Directory for Agricultural Economics) 
  10. (National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research)
  11. (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited)
  12. (PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  13. (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
  14. (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)
  15. (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority)
  16. (Marine Products Export Development Authority)

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