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Important List of Journals in Agricultural Extension

Important List of Journals in Agricultural Extension 

  1. European Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension
  2. Indian Journal of Social Work
  3. International Journal of Business and Globalization
  4. International Journal of Sustainable Development
  5. Journal of Extension
  6. Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  7. Journal of Environmental Extension
  8. Journal of Extension Education
  9. Journal of International Agriculture and Extension Education
  10. Journal of Rural Development
  11. British Journal of Educational Technology
  12. Economic and Political Weekly
  13. Indian Economic Panorama
  14. Indian Journal of Adult Education
  15. Indian Journal of Extension Education
  16. Indian Journal of Human Development
  17. Indian Journal of Open Learning
  18. Indian Journal of Social Development
  19. Indian Journal of Training and Development
  20. Indian Social Science Review
  21. Journal of Extension System
  22. Journal of Development Studies
  23. Journal of Educational Planning and Administration
  24. Journal of Educational Psychology
  25. Journal of Environmental Studies and Policy
  26. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
  27. The Journal of Entrepreneurship

e- Resources for Agricultural Extension 

  • (Pearson Education Publication)
  • (McGraw-Hill Publishing Company)
  • (Oxford University Press)
  • (Emerald Group Publishing)
  • (Sage publications)
  • (Macmillan Publishing)
  • (Agriculture Portal)
  • (The Association for International Agricultural and Extension
  • Education)
  • (Agriculture Portal)
  • (Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
  • (National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management)

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