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Unit 1: Engineering Properties and Quality of Biomaterials 
Engineering Properties and Quality of Biomaterials Uniqueness of bio-materials, Importance of engineering properties of biological materials, Physical characteristics viz. shape, size, volume, density, porosity, surface areas, Frictional characteristics viz., rolling resistance, angle of repose. Properties of bulk particulate solids viz. specific surface area, mean diameter, flow rate, Aerodynamics characteristics viz. drag coefficient and terminal velocity. Pressure drop through packed beds, Thermal properties viz. specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, Dielectric properties viz. dielectric and microwave radiation, dielectric constant, energy absorption, heating, Optical properties and transmittance and reflectance, Rheological properties and stress-strain-time relationship, rheological models, visco-elasticity, Hertz’s theory of contact stresses, Food Quality and BIS specifications for quality of food materials, milling quality analysis, cooking and baking qualities, Organoleptic and sensory evaluation of product quality. Determination of protein, oil content, carbohydrates, colour, hardness, texture, nutritive value, bio- availability and microbial loads, Maturity, ripening stages and indices of fruits and vegetables. 

Unit 2: Heat and Mass Transfer 
Basic laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties and processes, energy equations, heat, work, heat engine, heat pump, refrigeration and steam tables. EMC, sorption and desorption isotherms, water activity and psychrometry. Modes of heat transfer, heat exchanger. Mass transfer and mass-heat-momentum transfer analogies. Fluid statics, fluid dynamics, continuity equation and Bernoulli’s theorem. Dimensional analysis and simulation. 

Unit 3: Post Harvest Unit Operations 
Grading, cleaning, washing, sorting, shelling, dehusking, decortication, milling, polishing, pearling, drying (evaporative, osmotic and freeze drying), pasteurization and sterilization of liquid foods, kinetics of microbial death, size reduction, cryogenic grinding, granulation, crystallization, membrane separation processes viz. micro filtration, ultra-filtration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis; Evaporation, Distillation, Mixing, coagulation, mechanical separation processes, viz. sedimentation, clarification filtration, pressing, expelling, leaching, extraction, pelleting, extrusion and industrial fermentation and processing. 

Unit 4: Process Technology and Machinery 
Pre-milling/conditioning treatments. Process technology and machinery for cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, condiments, plantation crops, animal products, seafoods, fiber crops, animal feed, natural resins and gums. Bioprocess engineering, enzyme reaction kinetics, Industrial fermentation and processing, down-stream processing, bio- separation. Minimal processing of fruits and vegetables, high pressure processing, ohmic heating, ultraviolet light, pulsed electric field, pulsed light field, micro and nano encapsulation of food ingredients, Food nanotechnology. Seed processing and technology, Agricultural byproducts/residue utilization, Waste disposal of food processing plants, different methods and equipment. 

Unit 5: Design of Processing Machinery 
Design of grain cleaners, graders, dryers, parboiling plants, size reduction machines, bioreactors, fermenters, centrifuges, cyclone separator, heat-exchanger, evaporators, filters, extrusion cookers. Computer aided design and analysis of machines and machine components. Materials, manufacturing processes, design of elements and selection of standard parts viz. pulley, chains, sprockets, bearings, belts, fasteners, hydraulic components, pipes, hoses. 

Unit 6: Material Handling, Packaging and Transport 
Bulk conveying equipments, viz. belt conveyors, screw/auger conveyors, bucket elevators and drag/chain conveyors. Estimation of energy requirement and capacity, damage to products during mechanical handling. Operation and maintenance of conveying equipment. Packaging material characteristics and selection. Packaging techniques and equipment for liquid, powder and granular materials, and horticultural produce. Transportation of agro-produce by bullockcarts, trailers, trucks, rail wagons and containers. Cold chain design and operation. Safety standards in handling, packaging and transport of agricultural produce. 

Unit 7: Storage Engineering 
Storage environment and its interaction with stored product, factors/parameters influencing the shelf life of the stored product and deterioration index. Prediction of storage life, quality deterioration mechanisms and their control. Storage practices (including fumigation) for food grains. Design of bulk storage and aeration system. Analysis of heat, moisture and gas transfer in bulk storage structures. Bag storage structures, their design and management. Storage of perishables in ventilated, refrigerated, controlled and modified atmosphere storage systems and their design, smart storage system. Quality analysis of stored produce. 

Unit 8: Process Plant Design 
Plant design concepts and general design considerations, plant location, product and process design, process flow charts, equipment selection, plant layout. Design and selection of machinery for handling utilities like water, steam, fuel etc. and disposal of effluents and residues. 

Unit 9: Instrumentation and Process Control 
Static and dynamic characteristics of instruments, Transducers elements, intermediate elements, indicating and recording elements. Measurement of motion, force, torque, power, temperature, humidity, pressure and flow. Physical and chemical sensors, biosensors, Fuzzy logic, neural networks and control. Monitoring of plant parameters through Internet, Programmable logic controller, Data loggers, Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). Introduction to Direct Digital Control (DDC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), and Virtual Instrumentation. 

Unit 10 : Agri-Project Planning and Management 
Project development. Market survey and time motion analysis. Selection of equipment, technology option, techno - economic feasibility. Processing in production catchment. Product and process design, PERT, CPM, transport model, simplex, linear and dynamic programming, operation log book. Material balance and efficiency analysis, performance testing, performance indices, energy requirement and consumption. Marketing of agricultural products, market positioning. BIS/ FSSAI/ ISO standards/ guidelines on best practices, equipment and their design and operation for handling, processing and storage of food/feed.

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