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Syllabus - ICAR PG JRF Exam - Social Sciences

Syllabus - ICAR PG JRF Exam - Social Sciences


(Sub-Subjects: 6.1: AgriculturalEconomics, 6.2: Dairy Economics 6.3:Agriculture Extension/Extension Education/ Communication 6.4: Dairy Extension Education)


Unit I:

  • Importance of Agriculture in national economy
  • Basic principles of crop production
  • Cultivation of rice, wheat, chickpea, pigeon-pea, sugarcane, groundnut, tomato, and mango
  • Major soils of India
  • Role of NPK and their deficiency symptoms
  • Structure and function of cell organelles
  • Mitosis and meiosis
  • Mendelian genetics
  • Elementary knowledge of photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration
  • Structure and functions of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and vitamins
  • Major pests and diseases of rice, wheat, cotton, chickpea, sugarcane, and their management
  • Important rural development programmes in India
  • Organisational set up of agricultural research, education, and extension in India
  • Elements of statistics
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Regression and correlation
  • Concept of probability, sampling techniques, and tests of significance

Unit II:

  • Theory of consumer behaviour
  • Theory of demand, elasticity of demand
  • Indifference curve analysis
  • Theory of firm, cost curves
  • Theory of supply, price determination
  • Market classification
  • Concept of macroeconomics
  • Money and banking
  • National income
  • Agricultural marketing—role, practice, institutions, problems, and reforms
  • Role of capital and credit in agriculture
  • Crop insurance, credit institutions, cooperatives
  • Capital formation in agriculture
  • Agrarian reforms, globalization
  • WTO & its impact on Indian agriculture

Unit III:

  • Basic principles of farm management
  • Concept of farming system and economics of farming systems
  • Agricultural production economics-scope and analysis
  • Factor-product relationship
  • Marginal cost and marginal revenue
  • Farm planning and budgeting
  • Agricultural finance: nature and scope
  • Time value of money, Compounding and discounting
  • Agricultural credit: meaning, definition, need, classification
  • Credit analysis: 4R’s, 5C’s, and 7 P’s of credit, repayment plans
  • History of financing agriculture in India
  • Commercial banks, nationalization of commercial banks
  • Lead bank scheme, regional rural banks, scale of finance
  • Higher financing agencies, RBI, NABARD, AFC, Asian Development Bank, World Bank
  • Role of capital and credit in agriculture; credit institutions, co-operatives, and agrarian reforms in India

Unit IV:

  • Extension Education- concept, meaning, principles, philosophy, scope, and importance
  • Extension programme planning and evaluation- steps and principles
  • Models of organizing agricultural extension
  • Historical development of extension in USA, Japan, and India
  • Rural development, meaning, importance, and problems
  • Rural development programmes in India- Pre-independence era to recent ones
  • Extension teaching methods
  • Definition and concept of sociology, differences between rural & urban communities
  • Social stratification, social groups, social organization, and social change
  • Rural leadership, educational psychology- learning and teaching
  • Role of personality in agricultural extension
  • Indian rural system- its characteristics; value system, cost and class; structure and customs
  • Rural group organization and adult education

Unit V:

  • Communication, principles, concepts, process, elements, and barriers in teaching methods
  • Different kinds of communication methods and media and AV aids/materials
  • Media mix, Campaign, Cyber extension- internet, cybercafé, Kisan Call Centers, teleconferencing
  • Agriculture journalism, diffusion and adoption of innovations- adopter categories
  • Capacity building of extension personnel and farmers- training to farmers, women, and rural youth


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