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Notes on 2b. Basic Principles of Crop Production

Notes on 2b. Basic Principles of Crop Production

References: General Agriculture by Muniraj

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Agricultural Concepts and Techniques:

  • Competition Index proposed by Donald (1968).
  • Curing is associated with Tobacco & Tea.
  • Trashing is associated with Sugarcane.
  • Stripping is associated with Jute.
  • Wrapping is associated with Sugarcane.
  • Wind circulation in cyclone in Northern hemisphere: Anticlockwise.
  • Isohyets: Imaginary lines connecting points of equal rainfall.
  • Isobar: Imaginary lines connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure.
  • Isopluvial: Imaginary lines connecting equal depth of rainfall.
  • Isotech: Imaginary lines connecting equal points of equal wind velocities.
  • Rotavator is used for Primary & secondary cultivation.
  • Roundup herbicide contains Glyphosate.
  • Roundup is a registered product of Monsanto company.
  • Collective farming system originated from South Union.
  • Leucaena leucocephala: "Miracle plant" useful for fuel, fodder, and manure.
  • Oldest tractor manufacturing company: New Holland (1895).
  • Sugarcane is used to make car fuel in Brazil.
  • First chemically manufactured fertilizer: Ammonium sulphate.
  • Optimum temperature for crop production: 15-20°C.

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