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Notes on 2a. Basic Principles of Crop Production

Notes on 2a. Basic Principles of Crop Production

References: General Agriculture by Muniraj

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Basic Principles of Crop Production:

  • Father of agronomy: Peter De-crescenzi
  • Author of "Horse Hoeing Husbandry": Jethro Tull
  • Father of weed science: Jethro Tull
  • Jhum cultivation mostly found in Eastern part of India
  • Demerit of shifting cultivation: Soil loss
  • Objective of sustainable Agriculture: Ecological balance
  • Maximum plant population pattern of planting: Cuboidal pattern
  • Mixed farming includes crop production and live-stock
  • Mono cropping: Same crop on the same land year after year
  • Parallel cropping: Crops with different natural habits and zero competition
  • Synergetic cropping: Yields of both crops higher than pure crops on a unit area
  • Guard crops: Growing hard and thorny crops around the main crop
  • Rotation cropping: Different crops in the same area in sequential seasons
  • Multistoried cropping: Different height crops simultaneously on the same land
  • Cropping intensity always 100% in Monocropping
  • Peira cropping mostly adopted in Bihar & West Bengal
  • Skip cropping: Leaving a line unsown in the regular row series
  • Herbicide with longest soil residence: Linuron
  • Terra farming: Developing mass according to Earth's environment
  • Harvest Index formula: H.I. = [ Economic yield / Biological yield] x 100
  • Cropping Intensity: CI= [ Total cropped area /Total sown area ] x 100
  • Agro Climatic Regional planning in India started in 7th Five year plan (1988)
  • Total agro climatic zones in India: 15 Zones
  • Dry Farming: Cultivation in areas with less than 750m.m. annual rainfall
  • Dry land Farming: More than 750m.m. but less than 1150 mm annual rainfall
  • Rain fed Farming: Cultivation in regions with more than 1150m.m. annual rainfall

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