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Production Technology of Ber and Jamun


Production Technology of Ber and Jamun:


  • Climatic and Soil Requirements:
    • Suitable for arid and semi-arid regions.
    • Tolerates a high temperature of up to 40°C.
  • Varieties:
    • Kaithili, Umran, Gola, Seo, Seb, Banarsi, Chhuhara, Sandhura Narnaul, Elaichi.
  • Propagation and Planting:
    • Propagated by ‘T’ budding or inverted ‘T’ budding.
    • Planting in pits of size 1x1x1 m with FYM and top soil.
  • Manures and Manuring:
    • Annual fertilization with FYM, N, P, and K.
  • Pest and Disease Management:
    • Pests include Fruit fly, Bark eating caterpillar, Hairy caterpillar.
    • Diseases: Powdery mildew.
  • Harvest and Yield:
    • Harvesting season: October-November.


  • Climatic and Soil Requirements:
    • Tropical and subtropical conditions required.
    • Well drained deep loam soil ideal.
  • Cultivars:
    • ‘Ra Jamun’ and others.
  • Propagation and Planting:
    • Propagation by seeds; vegetative propagation recommended.
    • Plant spacing: 10-12 m.
  • Pruning, Manuring, and Irrigation:
    • Regular irrigation required in the initial years.
  • Pest and Disease Management:
    • Pests include Fruit fly, Leaf caterpillar, Purple winged moth.
  • Harvest and Yield:
    • Seedling trees start bearing after 10 years.


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