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MCQs on Cultivation of Sugar Beet ( Beta vulgaris )

MCQs on Cultivation of Sugar Beet ( Beta vulgaris )

What percentage of the world's total sugar production is contributed by Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)?

A) 10.5%

B) 21.8% #

C) 35.2%

D) 50.4%

Which of the following is a use of Sugar Beet other than sugar production?

A) Textile manufacturing

B) Pharmaceutical ingredient

C) Source of ethanol for automobile fuel #

D) Water purification

What type of climate is required for the cultivation of Sugar Beet?

A) Tropical

B) Arid

C) Cool, temperate regions #

D) Humid subtropical

Which sowing method is NOT mentioned for Sugar Beet cultivation?

A) Raised bed

B) FIRB method

C) Direct seeding

D) Singling #

What is the purpose of the process called 'Singling' in Sugar Beet cultivation?

A) Applying fertilizers

B) Irrigation method

C) Removing all but one robust seedling per seed pocket #

D) Harvesting the crop

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