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True Potato Seed (TPS) Seedling Tuber Production Technology -for All Agriculture Exams IBPS ADO, RAEO, JRF, SRF & CUET Target Exam

This exam facts are from famous book: Handbook of Agriculture published by I C A R

True Potato Seed (TPS) 

  • True Potato Seed (TPS) for Seedling Tuber Production Technology.
  • TPS can also be propagated through a botanical seed known as True Potato Seed (TPS)
  • To overcome the above problems of costly seed tubers, TPS is used as planting material.(This is asked in ICAR J R F 2021)
  • TPS is a botanical seed developed in the berry of the plant as a result of fertilization.For free such exam facts and notes, visit www.
  • The technology basically consists in production of TPS and raising commercial potato crops from it.
  • It has been shown that the use of TPS seedling transplants and seedling-tubers as seed are economical and successful approaches to commercial potato production.(This is asked in M P Agriculture Development Officer Exam 2020)
  • Seed rate of true potato seeds (TPS) is 150 g/ha (This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2015)
  • In TPS technique, the normal seed rate (2.5 t/ha) of potato is drastically reduced to only about 200 g of TPS, thereby saving huge quantities of food material for table purposes.For Online Classes, Tests, Notes Visit www.
  • Potato crop can be raised from TPS using seedling transplants. 


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