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Cultivation of Pearl millet -for All Agriculture Exams IBPS ADO, RAEO, JRF, SRF & CUET Target Exam

This exam facts are from famous book: Handbook of Agriculture published by I C A R

Importances of pearl millet crop

  • Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) is the fourth most important grain crop next to rice, wheat and sorghum.

  • Pearl millet is considered as Poor Man’s Food and also known as Cattail millet. (This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2019) For free such exam facts and notes, visit www.

  • Protein rich (10.5 to 14.5) (This is asked in M P Agriculture Development Officer Exam 2018)

  • Pearl millet is the staple food of Rajasthan 4th most important foodgrain crop next to rice, wheat & maize(This is asked in ICAR J R F 2021)

  • Pearl millet is grown for grain and fodder (forage)

  • Pearl millet is the most drought- and heat-tolerant crop with highest water-use efficiency. (This is asked in CUET PRE P G 2022)

  • Pearl millet crop is mostly confined to low fertile water deficit soils

  • For Online Classes, Tests, Notes Visit www.

  • Pearl millet is traditionally a component of the dry farming system.(This is asked in ICAR S R F 2022)


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