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Jal Brahmi or Water Hyssop useful for revitalizing herb


Jal Brahmi or Water Hyssop useful for revitalizing herb

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  • The name Brahmi has been derived from the word “Brahma” that means the mythical “Creator” in the Hindu pantheon. 
  • In India, it has been largely treasured as a revitalizing herb used by the Ayurvedic Medical practitioners for almost 3,000 years ago. 
  • The whole plant is used in indigenous system of medicine as a nerve tonic and for epilepsy and insanity due to being rich in Bacosides is a class of chemical compounds; 
  • They are dammarane-type triterpenoid saponins. 
  • It is produce quality herbage rich in saponins.
Introduction of Jal Brahmi or Water Hyssop 

  • It is an important prostrate aquatic herb 
  • belonging to the family Scrophulariaceae 
  • It is wide distributed throughout the world 
  • It is commonly found and distributed in wet or marshy habitats along the stream and river margins throughout India approximately upto 1,300 m elevation. 
  • B. monnieri (L.) Wettst. is native to India, Bangladesh and Southern Asia. 
  • There are at least 12 known members of the class known to grow under the varying soil and climatic conditions. 
  • The plant performs exceptionally well in poorly drained soils and waterlogged areas under the subtropical conditions. 
  • Near-neutral, clayey loam to clayey soils are best suited for its growth. 
  • In North India, it can grow in a wide range of temperatures (15 to 40 °C) and soil pH (5 to 7.5)
  • The plants grow faster at high temperatures (30-40 °C) and humidity (65% to 80%) and are cultivated as summer-rainy season crops in North India. 
  • Under South and Central Indian conditions, it could be cultivated round the year.

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