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Quality Protein Maize (QPM) -for All Agriculture Exams IBPS AFO, ADO, RAEO, JRF, SRF, CUET EXAM

Quality Protein Maize (QPM) 

This exam facts are from famous book: Handbook of Agriculture published by I C A R

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  • Quality protein maize (QPM) contains the opaque-2 gene along with numerous modifiers for kernel hardness. (ICAR S R F 2018)
  • QPM is maize with high nutritive value of endosperm protein, with substantially higher content of lysine and tryptophan essential amino acids. (ICAR J R F 2020)
  • Quality Protein Maize which is nutritionally superior to normal maize is the new mantra to signify its importance not only for food and nutritional security but also for quality feed for poultry and animal sectors.(This is asked in State Pre P G 2022)
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  • Quality Protein Maize has specific features of having a balanced amount of amino acids with highcontent of lysine and tryptophan and low content of leucine and isoleucine. (This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2019 and ICAR S R F 2022)
  • The balanced proportion of all these essential amino acids in Quality Protein Maize enhances the biological value of protein. (This is asked in ICAR J R F 2021)
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  • The biological value of protein in QPM is just double that of normal maize protein which is very close to the milk protein, as the biological value of milk and QPM proteins are 90 and 80 Percent respectively.(This is asked in Rajasthan Agriculture Officer Exam 2018)


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