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Cultivation of Maize -for All Agriculture Exams IBPS ADO, RAEO, JRF, SRF

This exam facts are from famous book: Handbook of Agriculture published by I C A R

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Nutritional Importance of Maize

  • In India, maize is the third most important food crop after rice and wheat.
  • Maize is called 'queen of cereals’ as they have immense yield potential.(This is asked in M P Agriculture Development Officer Exam 2020)
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  • Maize (Zea mays) is the most versatile crop with wider adaptability. (This is asked in ICAR S R F 2022)
  • Maize has the highest genetic yield potential among the foodgrain crops.
  • Maize cultivationwas started in 4400 BC. 
  • The average oil content in maize grain is 4%.(This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2017)
  • Maize protein is ‘Zein' and is deficient in tryptophan and lysine.(This is asked in ICAR J R F 2021)
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  • Quality protein maize (QPM) is rich in lysine.(This is asked in B H U PRE P G 2020)
  • Maize is called the ‘new millennium crop’ as it is an alternate crop to rice and wheat.
  • Maize is staple human food, feed for livestock, for fermentation and many industrial uses. Maize is having abundant starch (65%).

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