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Cultivation of Oats -for All Agriculture Exams IBPS ADO, RAEO, JRF, SRF & CUET Target Exam

Cultivation of Oats

This exam facts are from famous book: Handbook of Agriculture published by I C A R

Most common cultivatedvarieties of oats for Target Exam Based   


  • Kent variety is an introduction from the USA and was released in 1975.(This is asked in B H U PRE P G 2019)
  • Kent variety has been notified for cultivation in the entire country. (This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2014)
  • Kent is resistant to rust, blight and lodging. 
  • Kent yields about 50 t/ha of green fodder.
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  • The Algerian variety was released in 1975 and is suitable for irrigated areas.


  • Brunker-10 is suitable for growing in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.For free such exam facts and notes, visit www.
  • Brunker-10 is resistant to drought and can be raised under rainfed conditions.(This is asked in ICAR J R F 2020)
  • The green fodder yield is 40–45 t/ha in 140 days. 

Harita (R O -19) 

  • Harita variety was released in 2007 and notified for Maharashtra
  • Harita is a multicut variety developed by selection from the base population of Kent by MPKV, Rahuri and is suitable for the winter season under irrigated conditions. (This is asked in IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam 2016)
  • The average yield is 50 t/ha for green forage and 9.5 t/ha for dry matter. 
  • Harita has a high leaf to stem ratio and is resistant to leaf blight disease.


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