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Practice MCQs Questions on Weed Management for Agronomy NET+ARS(P)+STO Exam


Practice MCQs Questions on Weed Management for Agronomy NET+ARS(P)+STO Exam 2021-22

MCQ 1.
Discovery of which herbicide herald the birth of Weed Science as a new discipline in agricultural science?
a. Monuron
b. 2,4-D
c. Simazine
d. Glyphosate

MCQ 2. 
What is the weed species that first showed resistance in wheat in India and to which herbicide?
a. Phalaris minor, isoproturon
b. Echinochloa crus-galli var. Crusgalli, butachlor
c. Rumex dentatus, florasulam
d. Poa annua, isoproturon

MCQ 3. 
Weed seeds look similar and difficult to differentiate from crop seeds are called as:
a. Crop mimicry
b. Environmental weeds
c. Noxious weeds
d. Objectionable weeds

MCQ 4. 
Weed of non-native origin is:
a. Parthenium hysterophorus
b. Abutilon indicum
c. Acalypha indica
d. Phyllanthus niruri

MCQ 5. 
Narrow-leaved weeds, arranged in sets of three and triangular stem are called:
a. Grasses
b. Monocots
c. Sedges
d. Dicots

Answer key is

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Answere Keys:  
ANS.: 1. b. 2,4-D 
ANS.: 2. a. Phalaris minor, isoproturon  
ANS.: 3.  d. Objectionable weeds 
ANS.: 4. a. Parthenium hysterophorus  
ANS.: 5. c. Sedges 

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