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Test 1. Introduction of Horticulture_ 20 MCQs

Test 1. Introduction of Horticulture_ 20 MCQs

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In which century did the term 'Horticulture' first appear?
The word 'Horticulture' is derived from:
The term 'Pomology' is derived from the:
Which science is focused on the production of fruit crops?
The term 'Olericulture' originated from the:
Olericulture is the science of:
Floriculture is the science of:
Growing of trees for aesthetic or educational purposes is called:
Which of the following are major plantation crops?
Major spices include:
Major condiments include:
Which of the following are major medicinal plants?
Plants that yield aromatic essential oils on steam distillation or solvent extraction are called:
Cultivation and management of forest trees, such as teak wood, neem, ficus, and eucalyptus, is called:
Which industry deals with the rearing of silkworms and the production of silk?
Beekeeping for honey production is known as:
__ is the mother of several industries (canning, essential oil):
Bananas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are very rich in:
How many calories per day of energy does consuming 24 bananas (100g each) provide?
Fruits and vegetables are known as:

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