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Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management – (New) 2(1+1)


  1. Rainfed agriculture: Introduction, types, 
  2. History of rainfed agriculture and watershed in India; 
  3. Problems and prospects of rainfed agriculture in India
  4. Soil and climatic conditions prevalent in rainfed areas
  5. Soil and water conservation techniques
  6. Drought: types, effect of water deficit on physio-morphological characteristics of the plants, 
  7. Crop adaptation and mitigation to drought; 
  8. Water harvesting: importance, its techniques, 
  9. Efficient utilization of water through soil and crop management practices,
  10. Management of crops in rainfed areas, 
  11. Contingent crop planning for aberrant weather conditions, 
  12. Concept, objective, principles and components of watershed management, 
  13. Factors affecting watershed management. 


  1. Studies on climate classification, 
  2. Studies on rainfall pattern in rainfed areas of the country and pattern of onset and withdrawal of monsoons. 
  3. Studies on cropping pattern of different rainfed areas in the country and demarcation of rainfed areas on map of India. 
  4. Interpretation of meteorological data and scheduling of supplemental irrigation on the basis of evapo-transpiration demand of crops. 
  5. Critical analysis of rainfall and possible drought period in the country, effective rainfall and its calculation. 
  6. Studies on cultural practices for mitigating moisture stress. 
  7. Characterization and delineation of model watershed. 
  8. Field demonstration on soil & moisture conservation measures. 
  9. Field demonstration on construction of water harvesting structures. 
  10. Visit to the rainfed research station/watershed.

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