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Principles of Organic Farming

Principles of Organic Farming 2(1+1)


  1. Organic farming, principles and its scope in India
  2. Initiatives taken by Government (central/ state), NGOs and other organizations for promotion of organic agriculture
  3. Organic ecosystem and their concepts
  4. Organic nutrient resources and its fortification
  5. Restrictions to nutrient use in organic farming
  6. Choice of crops and varieties in organic farming
  7. Fundamentals of insect, pest, disease and weed management under organic mode of production 
  8. Operational structure of NPOP
  9. Certification process and standards of organic farming
  10. Processing, leveling, economic considerations and viability, marketing and export potential of organic products.


  1. Visit of organic farms to study the various components and their utilization
  2. Preparation of enrich compost, vermicompost, bio-fertilizers/bio-inoculants and their quality analysis
  3. Indigenous technology knowledge (ITK) for nutrient, insect, pest disease and weed management
  4. Cost of organic production system
  5. Post harvest management
  6. Quality aspect, grading, packaging and handling.

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